Operations Team:

  • Multi-disciplined and experienced operations team cover critical areas for needs assessment and technology transition
  • International and regional team members based on site to provide on-the-ground support and delivery
  • Accomplished track record in technology transitions within the Asia Pacific region
  • Proven model for transition of technology, process and manufacturing lines, minimizing and mitigating risks
  • Robust engineering background, quality systems and supply chain support

Client Support:

  • Extensive experience in project management and moves to LCR (Low Cost Regions)
  • Centralised support team
  • Assisting in and/or handling of the sending site assessment, move plan preparation, plan execution, receiving site preparation, process/technology setup, validation
  • Integration into the surrounding cultural landscape
  • Liaise with local region and agencies
  • Global support: operations team visit client sites and complete due diligence, support, planning and execution

Transition Process:

  • Controlled and gated process for successful transitions
  • Clearly defined stages, milestones and objectives
  • Complete business process: administration, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, HR, legal, quality control, sales etc
  • Engages sending and receiving site from outset with focus on upfront project planning
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities, dedicated functional project leads
  • Clear and open communication channels between all parties